English Lectures on Korean Labor Laws (Labor Cases-focused)
Starting May 11, 2017, 6 times will be provi..

Labor Attorney Bongsoo Jung, author of the Korean labor law bible will explain labor law and related cases based upon his books.
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English edition of Korean labor law book goes on s..
Mobile App : A code of Korean labor laws, labor gu..
KangNam Labor Law Firm selected by Gyeonggi Provin..
Agreement by Labor, Management & Government on Imp..
April 2017 - A System for Employment of Foreign Worker:..
March 2017 - Employment Systems and Employment Relation..
February 2017 - Foreign Workers & the Social Insurances
January 2017 - Equal Treatment: Criteria for Judgment &..
A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law
[Spring,2017] Labor Cases Volume 37 _ Equal Treatment: Criteria for Judgme..
[Winter,2016] Labor Cases Volume 36 - The Kim Young-Ran Act and the Employ..
[Autumn,2016] Application of Korean Labor Laws at foreign embassies and Li..
[Summer,2016] Can an accident on the way to the office before a business t..
[Spring,2016] Settlement Following an Occupational fatality
[Winter,2015] Criteria for Determining “Employee” Status

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