Korean labor case explained in English (12 hours and every Thursday)
Lectured by author, Bongsoo Jung
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English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (6t..
English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (5t..
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October 2022 - When Workplace Harassment Occurs, What M..
September 2022 - Dismissal of Offline Employees due to ..
August 2022 - A Case Study on Workplace Harassment agai..
A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law
[Winter,2022] Labor Cases Volume 60 - Severance Pay, Workplace Harassment,..
[Autumn,2022] Labor Cases Volume 59 - Dismissal, Workplace Harrasment, Sev..
[Summer,2022] Labor Cases Volume 58 - Noise-induced Hearing Loss Recognize..
[Spring,2022] Labor Cases Volume 57 - The Fatal Accidents Act and Employer..
[Winter,2021] Labor Cases Volume 56 - Freedom of Speech and Responsibility..
[Autumn,2021] Labor Cases Volume 55 – Revisions of the Labor Laws in..

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