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73 English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (4th Term of 2023) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung
72 Korean labor case lecture in English: starting June 6 to August 24, every Thursday at 7 pm, zoom lectures
71 Korean labor law firm - quarterly labor cases and feature articles- severance pay calculation, Singapore's system of using foreign domestic workers
70 Korean labor publications: 2 text books and 10 labor manuals, and other references  
69 Introduction of a bilateral code of Korean labor law - published book and it online service in app  
68 Korean labor law: Publication of Manual for preventing workplace harassment and sexual harassment
67 Korean labor law cases - English lectures on labor cases: 12 hour lectures from May 11 to Jun 15
66 Interview speech: Introduction of a new book published recently: A Practical Guide for Employment and Labor Issues
65 Korean labor attorney: story of Bongsoo Jung from how he became a labor attorney from a HR manager  
64 Korean labor cases in video clips: 800 videos uploaded in KangNam labor law firm’s app - how to use
63 Introduction of App functions: Korean labor and HR templates for forms and regulations
62 introduction of website- KangNam labor law firm www.k-labor.com : contents  
61 Publication of "Korean Labor Cases" quarterly magazine - Spring 2023, by KangNam Labor Law Firm, volume 61
60 Notice of wage in 2023 - It shows on the first app page
59 Korean labor inspection: Self-assessment for labor inspections - developed to support your company  
58 Introduction of English speaking lectures on Korean labor cases (March to April 2023)
57 Welcome to the Self-Assessment Checklist for Labor Inspections.
56 Korean labor law: instruction of a new publication- a practical guide for employment & labor issues
55 Commemorative issue : Korean labor cases - quarterly magazine- 60th volume, since 2008 has been published 60 times  
54 Revisions of the Labor Laws of 2023

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