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  A Practical Guide for Employment and Labor Issues Book
      A Practical Guide for Employment and Labor Issues (only Korean version available)

I intended to write 'Human Resource Management,' which could directly assist ordinary employees or job seekers. This book is distinctive in that it is made reader-friendly, and hence, the content is entirely based on practical cases. The book comprises nine chapters essential for human resource management practices, covering over 70 real-life cases.

The modern workplace culture is not solely defined by ethics or human relationships but rather established within the framework of specific labor laws. The era of enduring silently, considering senior employees' harsh behavior as workplace etiquette in a hierarchical work environment, has passed. The current workplace is transitioning to an era where junior and senior employees are treated as equal individuals based on their responsibilities and performance. If a superior arranges an unwanted drinking session under the guise of teaching workplace etiquette, it could lead to workplace harassment. While previously valuing individuals who endured silently and patiently, the current era appreciates employees who know their rights and can voice their opinions.

The content presented here is extracted from particularly interesting and insightful topics among the 200 columns the author contributed to Labor Law Monthly over the past 17 years. The referenced content contains real incidents or factual information, supported by clear evidence such as relevant administrative interpretations, legal precedents, and factual circumstances.
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