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Korean Labor Law : Disputes and Resolutions
The Korean Labor Law Bible
A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law
Quarterly Labor cases
Workforce Restructuring Manual
Manual for Lawful Dismissal
The Practical Guide for Foreign Employment and Immigration
Wage Manual
Labor Union Manual
Manual of Irregular Employment and Employee status
Manual of Working Hours, Holidays and Leaves
Employment Contract Manual
Industrial Accident Compensation Manual
A Practical Guide for Employment and Labor Issues
Manual on Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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  Korean Labor Law : Disputes and Resolutions Book
      The author highlights in his new book current labor issues which are relevant to many managers in Korea but not only HR specialists. The book is a practical guide easy to read and can be used as a reference book similar to the author's "Korean Labor Law Bible". Both works deliver necessary information to manage labor issues according to existing law in a comprehensive way. (Dr. Andreas Kruse, President, Merck in Korea)

The book provides helpful, practical guidance to country managers, HR personnel and anyone else dealing with Korean labor issues. It is an excellent resource and must have for foreign companies doing business in Korea. (Jonathan E. Goodspeed, American Lawyer, Hyundae Heavy Industry Co.)

The book is made for foreigners to get labor law related information first hand and allows not only reading in English to understand the situation, but also using it for discussions with Koreans, as all text is in English and Korean. If you are a foreigner and concerned with labor law in Korea, you will love it. (Joachim Nowak, German Lawyer, Hwang Mok Park P.C. Attorneys at Law)
Part Ⅰ
Chapter 1. Standard Working Conditions: A Self-Auditing Guide for Employers

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