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  Service Descriptions
Labor and Personnel Affairs/Consulting
Labor Union management
Review/Establishment of Company Regulations
Education and Training
Agent for Labor Issues, etc.
Payroll & Social Insurance outsourcing

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The main business
  Labor and Personnel Affairs/Consulting
01   Regular visiting and advising face to face/ bilingual service  

02   Legal advisory service on general labor laws  

03   Consulting related to implementations of personnel policies  

04   Practical advice and guide to collective negotiation and agreement  

05   Legal advisory service for compensations such as wage structure  

06   Legal advisory service for personnel actions such as disciplinary punishment  

  Current & Former Clients  
Microsoft, Gambro, Getronics, Celine, Scania Truck, Energizer Korea, Merck Korea, SEGA Korea, Connex(지하철 9호선), Positec Korea, Novelis Korea, Intergraph, Ineos Korea, LouisVuitton Korea, Fendi Korea, PAE Korea, Daesung Business Group, Burberry, CSM, KR Travel, Puma, Behr Korea, NOV, TGA, Right Management, Johonson Matthey Cataliysts Korea, Orbothech Korea, AVEVA Korea, SBT, 리엔풍, AIG손해보험, 대원세무법인, 아베 Sports, Fidelity,한국고용정보, 컴시너지, 니베아서울, 세울스타즈호텔, 국립극장노조, 평택국제자동차부두, 하동관, 캐스팅, 동도기공, 뉴클러스소프트웨어솔루션스, 쏠레땅쉬건설,국제영어마을사업단, 영동군청, 대흥, 제일은행노동조합, 볼보트럭노동조합 등 다수


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