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English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (4th Term of 2024) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung
- Date: 6-week course (every Thursday evenin..
1st Week (July 4)
Chapter 1 The Structure of Labor Law
Chapter 2 Employment Relations

2nd Week (July 11)
Chapter 4 Disciplinary Measures
Chapter 5 Managerial Dismissal

3rd Week (July 18)
Chapter 3 Wages & related issues

4th Week (July 25)
Chapter 6 Working Hours & related issues

5th Week (Aug 1)
Chapter 7 Irregular Employee
Chapter 3. Employee and Employer

6th Week (Aug 8)
Chapter 10 Equal Employment
Chapter 9 Four Social Security Insurances
Lectures on Korean labor cases will be delivered i..
KangNam Labor Law Firm participated in the roadsho..
Korean labor law website has been updated. It intr..
Korean labor attorney, bongsoo Jung participates i..
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Weekly Contributions
June 3rd week - Judgement Criteria for Dismissal during a Probationary Per..
June 2nd week - Selecting those subject to dismissal for managerial reason..
June 1st week - Determination of Workplace Harassment (Insulting Language..
May 4th week - Case of Recognizing Suicide Due to Depression as an Industr..
May 3rd week - Occupational Disease, a Stroke, Occurred at Lunch Time
Monthly Contributions
June 2024 - Collective Bargaining Consultation: Case Study (Workforce rest..
May 2024 - Case Study: Violating Company Policy Prohibiting Dual Employment
April 2024 - Lockout due to Union Strikes
March 2024 - Case Study: Appropriate Employer Response to Workplace Harass..
February 2024 - Whether a Study Room Manager’s Working Hours can be recogn..
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