Lecture area
English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases - Zoom (5th Term of 2023) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung
6-week course (every Tuesday evening) –..
1st Week
Chapter 1 The Structure of Labor Law
Chapter 2 Employment Relations

2nd Week
Chapter 4 Disciplinary Measures
Chapter 5 Managerial Dismissal

3rd Week
Chapter 3 Wages & related issues

4th Week
Chapter 6 Working Hours & related issues

5th Week
Chapter 7 Irregular Employee
Chapter 3. Employee and Employer

6th Week
Chapter 10 Equal Employment
Chapter 9 Four Social Security Insurances
Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic ..
Korean wage manual’s 2nd edition is ready to be pu..
Korean quarterly labor magazine published: “Labor ..
Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic ..
Quarterly Labor cases
[Autumn,2023] Labor Cases Volume 63 - The Serious ..
[Summer,2023] Labor Cases Volume 62 - Unpaid Wages..
[Spring,2023] Labor Cases Volume 61 - Dismissal, W..
[Winter,2022] Labor Cases Volume 60 - Severance Pa..
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Weekly Contributions
September 3rd week - Multiple Labor Unions and the Duty of Fair Representa..
September 2nd week - Korean labor union: Criteria for Determining Whether ..
September 1st week : Rules of Employment and the Employer’s Legal Respons..
August 4th week - Korean labor law: Prohibition of Age Discrimination
August 3rd week - This labor case taught the labor attorney that the infri..
Monthly Contributions
September 2023 - Work-Related Fatality: Army Sergeant Dies due to Overwork
August 2023 - Workplace Harassment after Employee Request for Remedy again..
July 2023 - Case Study: A Claim of Workplace Harassment and the related Ha..
June 2023 - Selection of Employee Representatives & Effects
May 2023 - Workplace Sexual Harassment and Bullying: A Case Analysis - Sup..
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