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  Manual for Lawful Dismissal Book
      This manual on dismissal explains what employers need to know about dismissals in advance, and also helps the employee avoid becoming a target for discipline by understanding a company's disciplinary rights, while at the same time having the right to take remedy action under the Labor Standards Act (LSA) if unfairly dismissed. It is intended to provide a guide to which both parties can refer.
The dismissal system is necessary for both workers and employers. From the perspective of the employer, company competitiveness can be maintained by disposing the necessary personnel in the right places and dismissing redundant or bad employees. On the other hand, unfair dismissals impact more than the worker dismissed, having a great influence on that worker’s family. For this reason, the LSA strictly regulates dismissal, and if the employer fails to follow the procedural requirements, the dismissal becomes illegal and null and void. The employer may dismiss an employee if there is a legitimate cause attributable to the employee, but the employer should take a careful approach because legitimate reasons do not reside primarily in employment rules or labor contracts but the criteria for legitimate dismissal under the LSA. Employees will also be able to better protect their own rights by understanding the possible responses to unfair treatment from an employer, while developing as talented individuals skilled in their own abilities through their work.
Therefore, this "Manual on Dismissal " is an essential guide for both employers and workers. It is my particular hope that foreign executives will use this to better understand the accepted system for dismissal in Korea, thereby maintaining stable labor relations. Finally, I would like to thank those who assisted in the process of completing this book.
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Subject   Labor Cases Volume 57 - The Fatal Accidents Act and Employer Obligations, etc.
Labor Cases
노동사건 사례모음

I. The Fatal Accidents Act and Employer Obligations
중대재해 처벌법과 사업주의 대응방안
II. Rules of Employment and Employers' Legal Responsibilities
취업규칙과 사업주의 법적의무
III. Introduction of “Labor Directors” in Public Institutions
공공기관 노동이사제 도입과 운영방식

VI. Feature Articles: Service Regulations in the Rules of Employment
특집: 취업규칙의 복무규정에 관한 내용
1. The Relationship between the Fatal Accidents Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act
중대재해처벌법과 산업안전보건법과의 관계
2. The Occupational Safety & Health Act, and Employer Duties
산업안전보건법과 사업주의 의무
3. The Workplace Harassment Prevention Law and the Employer’s Duty
직장내 괴롭힘 방지법과 사업주의 의무
4. The Anti-Corruption Law and Joint Penal Provisions Related to the Employer’s Legal Liabilities
부패방지법과 양벌규정에 따른 기업의 법적 책임
5. Criteria for Judging whether a Non-Compete Agreement is Valid 전직(경업)금지약정 효력 판단기준
6. Ordinary Dismissal & Personnel Management
통상해고와 인사관리
7. Government Guidelines for Ordinary Dismissal Due to Poor Performance
저성과자에 대한 통상해고 지침

File   사례_57_영문_머릿말e (1).pdf

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