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Quarterly Labor cases

  Quarterly Labor cases Book
      Winter 2021 - Volume 56

Labor Cases
노동사건 사례모음
I. Freedom of Speech and Responsibility
표현의 자유와 책임
II. Changes of Judicial Rulings Related to Annual Leave Compensation
1년 기간제 최대 연차휴가는 11개
III. An Industrial Accident Case that Recognized Labor Union Officers’ Unpaid Union Activities as Work Performance
조합간부의 무급 조합활동을 업무수행으로 인정한 산재사례
IV. Understanding the Police and Prosecutor’s Investigation regarding Labor Case
(Attorney at Law, Sangyung Park)
노동사건 경찰, 검찰 조사의 이해(4/4) (박상융 변호사)

VI. Feature Articles: Essential Contents concerning Rules of Employment
특집: 취업규칙 관련 핵심 내용

1. The Employer's Duties regarding Rules of Employment
취업규칙에 관한 사업주의 법적 의무
2. Changing Working Conditions
근로조건의 변경
3. Selection of Employee Representatives & Effects
근로자대표 선정 방법 및 효과
4. Requirements for Unilateral Changes to Employee Working Conditions to be Considered Reasonable according to Social Acceptability
근로조건 불이익 변경이 가능한 사회통념상 합리성 요건
5. Employment Contracts and the Principle of Priority on Favorable Conditions
근로계약과 유리한 조건 우선의 원칙
6. The Employer's Obligations in the Recruitment Process
채용절차에 있어 사업주의 의무
7. Civil and Criminal Liability for Deleting Company Documents by Retirees
퇴사 직원의 업무 자료 삭제 행위에 대한 민·형사상 책임 관계

Subject   Labor Cases Volume 54 - Overwork recognized as Cause of Occupational Accident(Heart Attack)
Labor Cases

I. Overwork Recognized as Cause of Occupational Accident(Heart Attack).............1
II. Criteria for Determining Whether Workplace Harassment Has Occurred..............7
III. Effect of Payment Severance Pay in Installments and Related Cases..............12
IV. Understanding the Police and Prosecutor’s Investigation regarding Labor Case
(Attorney at Law, Sangyung Park)...............................................18
V. Feature Articles : Occupational Accidents ; Diseases and Injuries
1. Death from Overwork (Heart Attack) and Verifications .......................26
2. Occupational Disease : a Stroke Occurred at Lunch Time......................30
3. Settlement Following an Occupational Fatality...............................34
4. Occupational Fatalities and Follow-up Actions...............................40
5. Explanation of the Guidelines on How to Handle Commuting Accidents...............44

File   20210604133345_922.pdf

45 (1/3)
No Subject
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34 [Spring,2019] Labor Cases Volume 45 - Granting Annual Leave (Including Legal Revisions)
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31 [Summer,2018] Labor Cases Volumn 42 - The Right of Fixed-term Workers to Expect Renewal of their Employment Contract
30 [Spring,2018] Labor Cases Volume 41 _ Weekly Working Hours in the Revised Labor Standards Act (2018)
29 [Winter,2017] Labor Cases Volumn 40 - Revisions of the Korean Labor Law in 2018
28 [Autumn,2017] Labor Cases Volumn 39 - Minimum Wage Act
27 [Summer,2017] Labor Cases Volume 38 _Checklist of Standard Working Condition to prepare for Labor Inspectors'
26 [Spring,2017] Labor Cases Volume 37 _ Equal Treatment: Criteria for Judgment & Related Cases

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