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Subject   KangNam Labor Law Firm participated in the roadshow in Hong Kong to attract HK companies and BJ Jung introduced visiting of HK city.
KangNam Labor Law Firm participated in the roadshow in Hong Kong to attract HK companies and BJ Jung introduced visiting of HK city.

2024 Promising Enterprise Attraction Roadshow Plan
Event Overview
• Event Name: Seoul Forward
• Date/Location: June 11 (Tue) / Alexandra Hotel, Hong Kong

• Attendees:
o        Seoul City: Economic Job Planning Officer, Invest Seoul Representative, etc.
o        Companies: About 100 global companies, financial institutions, and local companies hoping to enter Seoul
o        Related Institutions: Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC)

• Main Contents:
o        Promotion of Seoul's investment environment
o        MOU with entering companies
o        1:1 consulting
o        Briefing Session: Introduction of Seoul's business environment, comprehensive FDI support, and Seoul's incentives
o        Consulting: Domestic entry consulting by experts (lawyers, accountants, etc.)

•        Host/Organizer: Seoul City Financial Investment Division / Invest Seoul
Detailed Schedule
Time        Main Content        Remarks
13:00~13:05 (5')        Introduction of the event and key participants        
13:05~13:10 (5')        Invest Seoul and Seoul promotional video        
13:10~13:15 (5')        Opening remarks by Seoul City Economic Job Planning Officer        
13:15~13:20 (5')        Welcome speech by HKGCC        
13:20~13:35 (15')        MOU signing ceremony        TBD
13:35~13:50 (15')        Keynote speech: Seoul's economy and business outlook - Success cases of entering Seoul        Kim Jung-gyeom, Lawyer (Dentons Lee)
13:50~14:00 (10')        Introduction to entering Seoul        Introduction of Seoul and support projects by Invest Seoul
14:00~17:00 (180')        Corporate Consultation: Legal, tax, foreign exchange, and investment consulting by lawyers, accountants, labor attorneys, and banks (Total 48 sessions, 8 persons)        

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No Subject
120 Pending publication of 500 Supreme Court judgements concerning labor law    
119 Korean labor law: employment and labor inspection manual expected to be published soon  
118 Korean labor law app development for automatically generating each chapter of the rules of employment  
117 Korean minimum wage for 2025 was decided last night. It is 10,030 KRW, 1.7% increased from this year 2024. Monthly minimum wage is 2,096,270 KRW, which includes weekly holiday allowances.  
116 Korean labor law app development- admin section is re-arranged: combination of similar functions   
115 Korean labor law app - update : major templates and regulations - preview page made for each section  
114 The final draft of The Korean Labor Law Bible is made today. This Bible will be 7th edition since the first edition was published in 2005.  
113 Korean labor law app development project: Additional grouping into 5 categories, rearranging the order of sections, and adding automatic calculation functions to the display  
112 Lectures on Korean labor cases will be delivered in English. The first class starts July 4 at 7 p.m.
KangNam Labor Law Firm participated in the roadshow in Hong Kong to attract HK companies and BJ Jung introduced visiting of HK city.  
110 Korean labor law website has been updated. It introduces topics on the first page to look up things.  
109 Korean labor attorney, bongsoo Jung participates in road show of Invest Korea at Hong Kong to attract firms
108 Korean labor app : contents grouping - employment contract, workplace harassment and restructuring  
107 Quarterly magazine “Labor Cases” has published. This is a summer 2024 version, volume 65 since 2008.  
106 Korean labor portal site project : www-labor.com site will include links to APP of Korean Labor Law  
105 Korean labor law: grouping of wage / severance pay; grouping of working hours/annual leave/holidays  
104 Korean labor union management under on category  
103 App development: grouping wages and severance pay, working hours - annual leave - holiday, and union  
102 Korean labor law: app functions grouping for labor auditing and for foreign employment and visa
101 Grouping functions of industrial accident compensation in APP development

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