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Subject   Publication of quarterly “Labor Cases”, Spring version of 2024 (65th edition)

Labor Cases
노동사건 사례모음
Chapter 1. Key Labor News 주요 노동뉴스
I. The Serious Accidents Punishment Act Expanded to Apply to Businesses with Fewer
than 50 Employees Starting Jan. 27, 2024
2024. 1. 27. 중대재해처벌법이 50인 미만 사업장으로 확대 적용
II. Prosecutors: No charges filed in wage discrepancy case where regular wage, higher than the average wage, was not used for severance pay calculation
퇴직금 계산에 있어 통상임금이 평균임금보다 더 높은 경우, 통상임금으로 퇴직금을 계산하지 않아 기소된 임금 차액 청구사건에 대해 무혐의 결정
III. The Incorrect Administrative Interpretation on Calculating Severance Pay has caused a lot of confusion in severance pay calculation
퇴직금 산정을 통상임금으로 안내한 행정해석의 문제점

Chapter 2. Recent Articles 최근 기고문
I. Multinational Companies, Let's Understand and Deal with Employment Contracts Accurately!
다국적 기업, 근로계약을 정확히 알고 대처하자!
II. Whether a Study Room Manager’s Working Hours can be recognized as Full-time Work 독서실 총무의 근로시간 인정여부
III. Case Study: Appropriate Employer Response to Workplace Harassment Reports
직장 내 괴롭힘 사례를 통해서 본 사용자의 바람직한 대응
IV. Appropriate Responses to Different Types of Industrial Actions
쟁의행위 유형별 대응방안

Chapter 3. Serious Accident Punishment-related Information
특집: 중대재해 예방과 관련된 지식
I. The Relationship between the Serious Accidents Punishment Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act 중대재해처벌법과 산업안전보건법과의 관계
II. Korean labor: The Fatal Accidents Act and Employer Obligations
중대재해 처벌법과 사업주의 대응방안

File   2024년 분기별 사례집 봄호 65호 v1.jpg

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No Subject
103 App development: grouping wages and severance pay, working hours - annual leave - holiday, and union  
102 Korean labor law: app functions grouping for labor auditing and for foreign employment and visa
101 Grouping functions of industrial accident compensation in APP development
100 Korean labor case-study lecturers in English - starting May 9, 2024 - register at www.k-labor.com
99 Korean labor law app development: grouping of occupational accident compensation, labor auditing,  
98 Korean labor books selling at App - 13 publications with 10% discount and free delivery  
Publication of quarterly “Labor Cases”, Spring version of 2024 (65th edition)  
96 Korean 500 labor precedent cases were uploaded in App contents - it is a great job ever made in App  
95 Korean labor law lectures - zoom online -starting March 12 - register your attendance at k-labor.com  
94 Korean labor law: introduction of 2nd edition- Manual on Working Holidays and Leaves  
93 APP: Development for labor-management council establishment, and reporting form & templates uploaded  
92 New edition: Manual on Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave  
91 Korean labor law: APP functions added (notice, weekly and monthly articles, quarterly labor cases)  
90 Korean labor law: app’s new functions - periodicals (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) and LMC adding  
89 Korean labor law magazine- Labor Cases - Winter 2023, 64th edition - which includes labor cases  
88 Korean labor law lectures on labor cases (6 times in January and in February) on Tuesday evening  
87 Seminar on Support and Development Strategies for Labor-Management Relations in Foreign-Invested Enterprises in 2023  
86 (For November and December) Korean labor lecturers in English - 6 times from Nov 14 every Tuesday at 7 to 9 pm about labor cases: its first day starts on November 14, 2023 (Tuesday)  
85 publication of second edition, Wage Manual  
84 Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic making by using standard templates - bilingual  

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