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Subject   Publication of "Korean Labor Cases" quarterly magazine - Spring 2023, by KangNam Labor Law Firm, volume 61

Labor Cases
노동사건 사례모음

Chapter 1. 2023 Korean Labor Law Changes
2023년 주요 노동법 개정사항

Chapter 2. Recent Articles (최근 기고글)
I. Dismissal of the Finance Director of a Foreign-invested Company
외투기업 재무이사의 해고
II. A Case of Workplace Harassment and the Criteria for Recognizing Consequent Mental Illness as an Occupational Accident
직장내 괴롭힘 사례와 산재인정 요건
III. Workplace Harassment Resolved through Recognition of an Accident as Related to Work
직장내 괴롭힘 원인제거를 통한 해결 사례
IV. The Relationship between the Fatal Accidents Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act
중대재해처벌법과 산업안전보건법과의 관계
V. The Fatal Accidents Act and Employer Obligations
중대재해 처벌법과 사업주의 대응방안

Chapter 3. Feature Articles: Preparation for Labor Inspection
특집: 근로감독 준비
I. Labor Auditing Case: Labor Inspection and Company Follow-up Measures
근로감독 사례: 근로감독과 사업주의 조치내용
II. Self-Assessment Checklist for Labor Inspections
근로감독 자가진단 체크리스트

Information of Korean labor law App Update:
Within 30 minutes, you can check your company’s
preparedness for labor auditing by using this checklist.

근로감독 자가진단 앱 개발 완료
15개 분야 – 135개 질문을 통해 회사의
근로감독 준비 상태 자가 진단 제공

File   20230312143517_885.jpg

84 (1/5)
No Subject
84 Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic making by using standard templates - bilingual
83 Korean wage manual’s 2nd edition is ready to be published. Soon, its 2nd edition will be available.
82 Korean quarterly labor magazine published: “Labor cases” for the autumn of 2023 (volume 63).
81 Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic preparation of the rules of employment in the app
80 Korean labor case video recording, 1001st video. This video will cover story-telling on labor disputes
79 KangNam labor law firm hired three outstanding VIP: American lawyer, translator, new labor attorney
78 Korean labor app update: rules of employment (ROE) automatic making program based on 3 templates
77 KangNam labor law firm’s homepage update, what are changes and what are updated, and main pictures
76 English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (5th Term of 2023) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung
75 Minimum wage is decided: 9,860won per hour, 2,060,740won per month, which is applied in 2024  
74 (3rd edition) Guide for Foreign Employment and Immigration
73 English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (4th Term of 2023) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung
72 Korean labor case lecture in English: starting June 6 to August 24, every Thursday at 7 pm, zoom lectures
71 Korean labor law firm - quarterly labor cases and feature articles- severance pay calculation, Singapore's system of using foreign domestic workers
70 Korean labor publications: 2 text books and 10 labor manuals, and other references  
69 Introduction of a bilateral code of Korean labor law - published book and it online service in app  
68 Korean labor law: Publication of Manual for preventing workplace harassment and sexual harassment
67 Korean labor law cases - English lectures on labor cases: 12 hour lectures from May 11 to Jun 15
66 Interview speech: Introduction of a new book published recently: A Practical Guide for Employment and Labor Issues
65 Korean labor attorney: story of Bongsoo Jung from how he became a labor attorney from a HR manager  

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