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Subject   Introduction of New book- Industrial Accident Compensation Manual by Bongsoo Jung, labor attorney
This Industrial Accident Compensation Manual is composed of four chapters so that readers can systematically learn how industrial accident compensation insurance currently works. Chapter 1 explains the system for industrial accident compensation insurance (IACI), including the procedures for application and compensation. Chapter 2 explains the criteria used for determining whether an industrial accident/illness has occurred and related cases. In Chapter 3, the types of insurance benefits and the method used to calculate those benefits are explained using the KangNam Labor Law Firm mobile app. Finally, Chapter 4 explains the standards for imposing IACI premiums and the way a company can raise objections through the Administrative Adjudication Commission when it disputes additional payments related to IACI premiums.
This Industrial Accident Compensation Manual explains the tasks required after an industrial accident takes place, with practical examples. When an accidental fatality occurs at work, recognition as an industrial accident is simple. However, reaching an agreement on compensation for damage can only be hammered out between the parties involved, examples of which are also described. When a fatality seems to be from overwork, it is necessary to prove significant causal relationship between the work performed and the fatality. Park Sang-yung, another attorney, presents the direction of evidence and verifying materials by type as cited in actual cases of proving death from overwork. The working environment is also important in industrial accident cases. A death from lung disease due to poor working conditions, hearing loss due to excessive noise in the workplace, and death from sepsis after ingesting contaminated food while on a business trip are also covered. Finally, this volume also explains the criteria for determining whether a vehicle accident is a commuting accident, as well as related cases.
This Industrial Accident Compensation Manual is an essential guide for both employers and employees. If the breadwinner of a family dies from overwork, the bereaved family may lose its ability to avoid poverty. If they can receive survivors’ pension through IACI, the family can have hope and the opportunity to recover. This is the purpose that industrial accident compensation insurance serves. It is my hope that this book will be of great help to such bereaved families.
Finally, I would like to thank those who assisted in the process of completing this book.

August 10, 2022
Bongsoo Jung / Ph.D., Labor Attorney


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