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Subject   English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (3rd Term of 2022)
English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (2nd Term)
by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung 노동사례 영문해설 강의-12시간

- Date: 6-week course (every Thursday evening) – 6 times (6번 강의)
May 12, 2022 19:00 ~ 21:00 / to Jun 16, 2022
6주 강의: 2022년 5월 12일(매주 목) 저녁 07:00~9:00 / 5월 16일 까지
- Place: Zoom class, Zoom information will be sent to the participant individually.

- Target: HR managers, expatriates, etc. 인사담당자, 외국인 근로자, 기타
- Text Book: The Korean Labor Law Bible 한국노동법 영문해설 (6판)
- Attendance Fee: 220,000 won
(Please transfer to: KEB Hana BANK 630-004704-173, KangNam Labor Law Firm)
- Registration: visit the website at www.k-labor.com and fill out the registration form. 등록은 강남노무법인 홈페이지 오셔서 직접 등록하시면 됩니다.
- Detailed Schedule 상세계획
1st Week (May 12)
Chapter 1 The Structure of Labor Law
Chapter 2 Employment Relations

2nd Week (May 19)
Chapter 4 Disciplinary Measures
Chapter 5 Managerial Dismissal

3rd Week (May 26)
Chapter 3 Wages & related issues

4th Week (Jun 2)
Chapter 6 Working Hours & related issues

5th Week (Jun 9)
Chapter 7 Irregular Employee
Chapter 3. Employee and Employer

6th Week (Jun 16)
Chapter 10 Equal Employment
Chapter 9 Four Social Security Insurances        

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No Subject
95 Korean labor law lectures - zoom online -starting March 12 - register your attendance at k-labor.com  
94 Korean labor law: introduction of 2nd edition- Manual on Working Holidays and Leaves
93 APP: Development for labor-management council establishment, and reporting form & templates uploaded
92 New edition: Manual on Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave
91 Korean labor law: APP functions added (notice, weekly and monthly articles, quarterly labor cases)
90 Korean labor law: app’s new functions - periodicals (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) and LMC adding
89 Korean labor law magazine- Labor Cases - Winter 2023, 64th edition - which includes labor cases
88 Korean labor law lectures on labor cases (6 times in January and in February) on Tuesday evening
87 Seminar on Support and Development Strategies for Labor-Management Relations in Foreign-Invested Enterprises in 2023
86 (For November and December) Korean labor lecturers in English - 6 times from Nov 14 every Tuesday at 7 to 9 pm about labor cases: its first day starts on November 14, 2023 (Tuesday)
85 publication of second edition, Wage Manual
84 Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic making by using standard templates - bilingual
83 Korean wage manual’s 2nd edition is ready to be published. Soon, its 2nd edition will be available.
82 Korean quarterly labor magazine published: “Labor cases” for the autumn of 2023 (volume 63).
81 Korean labor law: rules of employment - automatic preparation of the rules of employment in the app
80 Korean labor case video recording, 1001st video. This video will cover story-telling on labor disputes
79 KangNam labor law firm hired three outstanding VIP: American lawyer, translator, new labor attorney
78 Korean labor app update: rules of employment (ROE) automatic making program based on 3 templates
77 KangNam labor law firm’s homepage update, what are changes and what are updated, and main pictures
76 English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (5th Term of 2023) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung

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