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DATE : 6-week course (every Thursday evening) - 6 times
PLACE : KangNam Labor Law Firm
Sunrung station at Subway NO.2, exit NO.#1, Sanggerije Center 1501 ho
TARGET : HR managers, expatriates, etc.
Textbook : Korean Labor Law Bible
If you need the book, you can just buy it with discounted price (Market price : 45,000won)
Fee : 220,000won
Syllabus : 1st class                The structure of labor laws in Korea, Labor Standards Act, dismissal, etc.
2nd class                Wages and the labor law, wages management, severance pay, etc
3rd class                 Working hours, flexible working hours, recess, days-off and leaves, etc.
4th class                 Irregular employees, four social security insurances, etc
5th class                 Equal employment, labor union, collective bargaining / agreement, etc.
6th class                Industrial action, unfair labor practice, labor-management council, etc.
Schedule : 2023-03-09 ~ 2023-04-13
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Textbook Intro
Chapter 1. Recent Articles 최근 기고문
I. "Current foreign policy for addressing the shortage of foreign labor in industrial sites......... Is it satisfactory?“ (by Advisor, Haesun Kim)
산업현장 외국인력 부족 해소를 위한 외국인 정책, 이대로 좋은가? (by김해선 고문)
II. Annual Paid Leave Q&A for Practitioners (by Labor Attorney, Dongshin Lee)
실무자를 위한 연차유급휴가 Q&A (by 이동신 노무사)
III. Precedents Following the Supreme Court's Unanimous Decision on Ordinary Wages (by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung)
통상임금 대법원 합의체 판결 이후 판례 경향 (by 정봉수 노무사)
IV. Workplace Harassment Cases Arising from Excessive Work by a Superior (by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung)
직장 상사의 과도한 업무수행으로 발생한 직장 내 괴롭힘 사례 (by 정봉수 노무사)
V. The Workplace Harassment Case Involving a Dispatched Worker (by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung)
파견 근로자와 관련된 직장내 괴롭힘 사건과 시사점 (by 정봉수 노무사)

Chapter 2. Feature Articles: Flexible Working Hours and Related Issues
특집: 유연근로시간제 도입과 관련 주요 내용
I. How to Introduce and Use Flexible Working Systems
유연근로시간제 도입방법과 활용방안
II. Work-from-Home Systems
재택근무제 도입

No Subject Schedule Schedule
1 English Lectures(12 hrs) on Korean Labor Law Cases (2nd Term of 2024) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung 2024-3-12 ~ 2024-4-16 2024-3-19


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