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  Employment Contract Manual Book
      This Labor Contract Manual you hold in your hands explains in detail the written contract required by all workplaces that employ workers. It also provides and explains in detail essential information and the legal obligations and rights of the parties to that labor contract, as well as presenting relevant cases and forms to provide its readers all they need to write a labor contract that suits the characteristics of a company.
Looking at its structure, the first part of Labor Contract Manual explains the obligation of employer and employee—to sign a labor contract. Part 2 introduces the five standard types of labor contract and explains them in detail to assist with creation of labor contracts suited to your organization. And, although inclusive wage-system contracts have been widely used, I do not cover them herein as they violate Korean labor law. Part 3 explains contract periods, wages, working hours, holidays and vacations—all of which are essential items to be covered in a labor contract—and their legal effects. Part 4 covers a variety of labor cases to assist with preventing similar disputes in advance. Part 5 includes labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, forms consenting to the collection and use of personal information and other practical forms actually used by most companies.
Through this manual, it is my hope that working-level personnel will be able to meet their legal obligations and prevent disputes through the use of the practical forms and labor contract knowledge herein.
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