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Subject   How to use the “dismissal manual” -2nd Edition of Dismissal Manual

This manual on dismissal explains what employers need to know about dismissals in advance, and also help the employee avoid becoming a target for discipline by understanding the company's disciplinary rights, while at the same time having the right to take remedy action under the Labor Standards Act if unfairly dismissed. It is intended to provide a guide to which both parties can refer.


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49 Introduction of New book- Industrial Accident Compensation Manual by Bongsoo Jung, labor attorney  
How to use the “dismissal manual” -2nd Edition of Dismissal Manual  
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46 Revision on 「 ACT ON THE GUARANTEE OF EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT BENEFITS (Amendment Date 13. April, 2021) 」
45 English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (3rd Term of 2022)
44 Korean labor case lectures, 2nd term of 2022. Starting March 10 and finishing on April 14, on every Thursday at 7-9pm.
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41 Revisions of the Labor Laws at the Second Half of 2021
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39 Minimum Hourly Wage decided for 2022, which is 9,160 Korean Won  
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36 The Fatal Accidents Act  
35 The Korean Labor Law Bible (6th edition)
34 Manual on Irregular Employment and "Employee" Status
33 Manual on Working Hours, Holidays and Leaves
32 Announcement to Provide Mangement Service For Foreign-Investment Companies in Seoul
31 Publication of 'Wage Manual'
30 Book on labor union establishment, collective bargaining published in English

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