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Subject   Cogratulation! KangNam Labor Law Firm was selected as one of ten law firms by foreigners living in Seoul
Cogratulation! KangNam Labor Law Firm was selected as one of ten law firms by foreigners living in Seoul

10 Lawyers In Seoul For English-Speaking Foreigners https://www.10mag.com/english-speaking-lawyers-law-firms-in-seoul-korea/ @10_Magazine 님이 공유


Seoul Law Firms That Specialize in Helping Foreigners

Pureum Law Office (PLO) | Immigration, Divorce & Criminal Law

A boutique law firm created specifically to help foreigners with their legal issues, Pureum Law Office (PLO) specializes in handling immigration, divorce and criminal defense. The 3 English-speaking lawyers at PLO have extensive experience handling the kinds of cases foreigners often face.

Their lead partner, Simon Lee, has been awarded a certification of appreciation from the US Embassy in Seoul for his assistance of US citizens in need. You can also regularly get free legal advice from him at the Seoul Global Center.

Taeshin Law Firm | Criminal & Civil Law

Taeshin Law Firm specializes in helping international visitors and residents dealing with criminal and/or civil legal cases. More specifically, they focus on sex crimes, criminal cases, car accidents, and issues with medical care. Since opening in 2012, they have grown to 8 English-speaking lawyers and they represent the US Army and Air Force.

Tek & Law | Corporate Legal Complience

A boutique law firm specializing in Information Communication Technology, Tek & Law lawyers deal in everything from corporate legal compliance to game theft. Their expertise in the information protection field is crucial in Korea, where complying with the laws regarding information protection can be very challenging, as they are quite detailed and constantly changing.

Kangnam Labor Law Firm | Labor Law

With 4 English-speaking attorneys, Kangnam Labor Law Firm concentrates on labor law, helping ensure that foreign employees are given the same rights as Koreans. To keep their services reasonably priced, most of their legal cases are taken care of at the Labor Relations Commission and/or the Labor Office rather than in court.

Yeyul Law Firm | Immigration Law

Yeyul Law Firm specializes in immigration law, including helping refugees dealing with visa issues. There are 3 English-speaking lawyers at Yeyul Law Firm.

lawyers in korea law firms

Large-scale / International Law Firms

IPG Legal | Business, Civil, Criminal Law

The lawyers of IPG focus on business law, civil litigation, franchise law, and criminal defense. With affiliated offices around the world, they’re a good choice for cross-border issues. One of the partners there, Sean Hayes, runs one of the best English blogs on the Korean legal landscape, The Korean Law Blog. If the constantly-changing legal environment of this country interests you, it will make an excellent resource.

Yulchon LLC | Corporate, Tax, Labor & Employment Law

Yulchon LLC has grown to a firm of more than 400 professionals and 60 attorneys, many of them English speaking. Over the years, Yulchon has provided service to its clients in major practice areas such as Corporate & Finance, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate & Construction, Tax, and Labor & Employment. Besides their Seoul office they also have affiliated branches in Russia, Myanmar, China, and Vietnam.

Lee & Ko | Risk Management, Intellectual Property Law

The second largest law firm in South Korea, with approximately 500 attorneys, Lee & Ko offers a wide range of legal expertise. In addition to their main office, they have three offices abroad: Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), and Hanoi. Lee & Ko also has a division specializing in Intellectual Property issues, Lee & Ko IP. Seoul Risk Management, another popular legal blog, is run by Lee & Ko lawyer Bryan Hopkins.

Kim & Chang | Major Law Practices

The big boy on the block, Kim & Chang is the largest law firm in Korea. It boasts over 1,300 professionals, including Korean, Chinese, US, French, British, and European-licensed lawyers, patent trademark attorneys, and other subject experts. With the massive number of lawyers and wide array of expertise, Kim & Chang is the place to call when money is no object and you want the leading law firm in Korea.

For more detailed information, check out our section on lawyers and lawfirms on our own 10 Directory!


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No Subject
33 Manual on Working Hours, Holidays and Leaves
32 Announcement to Provide Mangement Service For Foreign-Investment Companies in Seoul
31 Publication of 'Wage Manual'
30 Book on labor union establishment, collective bargaining published in English
29 Congratulation for the publication of "Manual for Lawful Dismissal"
28 Congratulation for the publication of "The Practical guide for Foreign Employment and Immigration"
27 Kangnam Labor Law Firm’s Spring Seminar of 2019
26 Working Environment and Changes to Korean Labor Law in 2019
25 Congratulation for the publication of "Workplace Restructuring Manual"
Cogratulation! KangNam Labor Law Firm was selected as one of ten law firms by foreigners living in Seoul  
23 Looking for Labor Attorneys (2 persons) : Employment Information  
22 Weekly Working Hours in the Revised Labor Standards Act (2018)  
21 Revisions of Korean Labor Law in 2018  
20 English edition of Korean labor law book goes on sale  
19 Mobile App : A code of Korean labor laws, labor guide, and labor cases  
18 KangNam Labor Law Firm selected by Gyeonggi Province as a professional Labor Law Firm to support foreign-invested companies for years from 2012 - 2016  
17 Agreement by Labor, Management & Government on Improving the Labor Market  
16 Publishing the revised version of A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law (2015)  
15 Native English instructors to get severance pay  
14 Teachers headed for final court battle over employment status (Koreal Herald, January 13, 2015)  

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