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Subject   English edition of Korean labor law book goes on sale

English edition of Korean labor law book goes on sale
By Park Si-soo

The fifth edition of an English/Korean book on Korean labor law is now on sale.

The bilingual "The Korean Labor Law Bible" includes newly enacted articles, in-depth explanations and case examples, said author Jung Bong-soo, a labor attorney and leader of KangNam Labor Law Firm in Seoul. Gavin C. Farrell, a linguistics professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, proofread the book.

The first version was published 11 years ago. The author has updated the book with new laws, cases and knowledge he has gained from field experience and academic activities.

"It is an essential reference book for any company, large or small, and an absolute must for foreign companies," Farrell said in a letter of recommendation.

Jung, a certified labor attorney, majored in English at Hannam University in Korea and business administration at the University of Maryland. He completed coursework toward a PhD in labor law at Ajoo University.

The 1200-page book costs 60,000 won.

Preface to the 5th edition

Since publication of The Korean Labor Law Bible in January 2005, three more editions have been published: the 2nd Edition in September 2006, the 3rd Edition in March 2009 and the 4th Edition in May 2011. Now, five years later, this is the 5th and most expansive edition yet. As this and past editions have been made possible by my regular readers who have bought this book, I would like to express appreciation first to my customers.
I have been giving English lectures on labor law based on the editions of this book for more than 11 years, and for the last 10 years, have also contributed bilingual articles on labor issues to the monthly magazine, Labor Law. I hold an MA from Korea University Graduate School of Labor Studies and completed the PhD course on Labor Law at the Graduate School of Ajoo University. This 5th Edition has been improved by including more practical cases and examples from my own work as a labor attorney. Also in the expansion are excerpts from my labor law lectures, previous formal studies of labor law, and bilingual article contributions.
The improvements in this 5th Edition can be seen in both content and structure. Firstly, the content has been updated with the most recently established and revised labor laws as of June 2016. Secondly, I have inserted into each section labor issues from articles that I have contributed to the monthly magazine Labor Law. Thirdly, in the Korean version, I have attempted to update, supplement, and add contents on the advice of my academic advisor, professor Seung-gil Lee, chairman of the Korean Society of Labor Law, and to whom I am most grateful. Thanks also, Mr. Gavin C. Farrell, Assistant Professor in the Department of English Linguistics of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, who reviewed the contents as an English language advisor. This edition has been reconstructed based upon the author’s extended experience and consequently deeper knowledge, again grateful for my advisors’ full support and direction.
Finally, I would like to thank those who have assisted me in revising and editing the 5th Edition. I would like to extend my special thanks specifically to Taeyoon Kim and Jihee Han of Jungang Publishing, Labor Attorneys Jihye Byun, Kumsung Yu, Wansook Kim, Heyeol Song, Jiyeon Kim, and Minji Cho, and my longtime friend and proofreading editor, Dave Crofton. Without these people, this upgraded 5th Edition of the Korean Labor Law Bible would not have been possible.

June 1, 2016

Bongsoo Jung, Author

Having proofread both the 4th and 5th editions of this book I am familiar with the broad knowledge base and variety of experiences Jung Bongsoo has regarding labor law in South Korea. The 5th edition is particularly impressive for its increased depth and broadened scope. The extensive use of case examples to illustrate the legal concepts is done in a readable and accessible way. The experience of being certified public labor attorney is a wide lens in which to present Korean labor law in Korean and English.
Jung Bongsoo came to write this edition with much experience and first-rate academic credentials. He has degrees from both Korea and America, and both undergrad and graduate degrees. His first degree was in English from Hannam University. He then obtained another undergraduate degree, this time from an American university, a Business degree from the University of Maryland, University College. He next graduated from the Labor Law Department at Korea University. His most recent academic endeavor has been to complete coursework toward a PhD in labor law studies at Ajoo University.
These credentials served Jung Bongsoo well for his law practice, which deals with both foreign and domestic clients. For over ten years he has contributed at least one bilingual article per month to various labor law journals and publications. He is also consultant for the Seoul Global Center where he is available to consult with anyone, especially foreigners who need direction or help. It is this bilingual ability that sets Jung Bongsoo and this book apart. He has worked with large foreign and domestic companies. That experience is the foundation for this unique edition.
It is an essential reference book for any company, large or small, and an absolute must for foreign companies as this bilingual guide is the most comprehensive authority on Korean labor law translated into English.

June 1, 2016

Gavin Farrell
Assistant Professor
Department of English Linguistics
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


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