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Subject   "Korean Labor Law: Disputes & Resolutions" Printing the 3rd edition
"Korean Labor Law:
Disputes & Resolutions" Printing the 3rd edition

I am very pleased to see this newly published 3rd edition, three years after the release of the
second edition of "Major Labor Issues and Related Cases." I wish to express my appreciation
to the readers who purchased the 2nd edition, and I am very confident that you will find this
3rd edition to have increased in terms of quality, as well as quantity, when compared to the
2nd edition.
The 2nd edition was mainly a compilation of 48 articles that I contributed to Joongang
Kyungjae Co.’'s “"Monthly Labor Law Magazine”" over the four years previous to publication.
In comparison, this 3rd edition is composed of the 99 articles that I have contributed for
the past eight years, an essential company checklist to prepare for labor auditing and other
necessary labor references. In particular, while the 2nd edition mostly consisted of the
details of administrative interpretations and judicial rulings, the 3rd edition includes my own
experience with labor cases over dismissal, occupational accidents, collective bargaining
representations and other actual cases I have worked on as a labor attorne
Accordingly, as this 3rd edition suggests the most desirable solutions to labor problems
based on actual labor cases and also contains important information to prevent labor disputes
in advance, I am sure that HR managers, labor attorneys, lawyers, and those who are interested
in human resources and labor management will find this book to be an essential labor case
I would also like to express my appreciation to those who helped in the publication of this
2nd edition. I would especially like to thank Joongang Kyungjae Co.’'s Managing Director, Mr.
Taeyoon Kim and Editor, Ms. Jihee Han, who were very proactive in their help, despite their
busy schedules and contributed to the editing of the book. I would also like to thank Mr. Gavin
Farrell, professor at English Linguistics Department of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,
Mr. David Crofton, professor of Gyeongsang National University, Labor Attorneys Jihae Byun,
Jangwon Seo and Eunjeong Jo, who have each helped to improve the content quality with
proofreading, reviewing, and updating with the revisions of laws, etc. It is my desire that all
readers of this casebook will find it helpful in providing solutions to their labor issues.
March 2014
Author, Bongsoo Jung

Mr. Jung has done it again! His Korean Labor Law Bible seemed to say all that could be said about the Law and Practice of Labor relations in Korea. But this latest volume on Common Employment Problems and Solutions gives a practical and case-based approach to many of the knotty problems that can occur in relations between employer and employees. In any enterprise, the achievement of common interests and a drive to reach the same ends is vital to business success and this book, published in both Korean and English, will go a long way to help companies, including foreign invested corporations, arrive at that mutual consensus and cooperation. Mr. Jung Bong Soo is an experienced practitioner in the field of labor relations and his wealth of experience is brought to the benefit of both sides through this valuable work.
(Alan Timblick, Head of Seoul Global Center, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Former Head of Invest Korea, KOTRA)

The author highlights in his new book current labor issues which are relevant to many managers in Korea but not only HR specialists. The book is a practical guide easy to read and can be used as a reference book similar to the author's "Korean Labor Law Bible". Both works deliver necessary information to manage labor issues according to existing law in a comprehensive way.
(Dr. Andreas Kruse, President, Merck in Korea)

The book is made for foreigners to get labor law related information first hand and allows not only reading in English to understand the situation, but also using it for discussions with Koreans, as all text is in English and Korean. If you are a foreigner and concerned with labor law in Korea, you will love it. (Joachim Nowak, German Lawyer, Hwang Mok Park P.C. Attorneys at Law)


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