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DATE : 6-week course (every Thursday evening) - 6 times
PLACE : KangNam Labor Law Firm
Sunrung station at Subway NO.2, exit NO.#1, Sanggerije Center 1501 ho
TARGET : HR managers, expatriates, etc.
Textbook : Korean Labor Law Bible
If you need the book, you can just buy it with discounted price (Market price : 45,000won)
Fee : 200,000won (VAT tax 10% will be added)
Syllabus : 1st class                The structure of labor laws in Korea, Labor Standards Act, dismissal, etc.
2nd class                Wages and the labor law, wages management, severance pay, etc
3rd class                 WorkWages and the labor law, wages management, severance pay, etc
4th class                 Working hours, flexible working hours, etc.; Irregular employees, etc
5th class                 four social security insurances, Equal employment, etc.
6th class                Labor Union, Collective Bagaining, Industrial action, Labor-Management Council.
Schedule : 2019-01-10 ~ 2019-02-21
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Textbook Intro
Author: Bong-soo Jung
Written in both English and Korean , the Korean Labor Law Bible consists of four parts. The first part introduces the structure of Korean Labor Law, its relationship with human resources management, and offers clear guidance on understanding the labor laws. The second part deals with individual items in labor relations, such as wages, working hours, off days, and holidays, etc. The third part deals with labor union matters in collective labor relations. The fourth part provides basic information on human resource management. I have worked especially hard to apply legal theories in addition to related judicial rulings and administrative interpretations as much as possible so that this book can be utilized in actual business practices.

“This book is a practical guide essential for human resources and labor managers at foreign invested companies.”
- Heinz Grewe, President, Robert Bosch Korea

No Subject Schedule Schedule
1 English Lecture Series(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (89) by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung 2019-11-07 ~ 2019-12-12 2019-11-14
2 HRM Crash Course for HR practitioners and HR Managers 2019-09-25 ~ 2019-11-13 2019-09-24
3 English Lecture Series(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law by Labor Attorney, Bongsoo Jung(88th) 2019-09-19 ~ 2019-10-24 2019-09-19


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