English Lecture Series(12 hours) on Korean Labor Law (86th lectures)
Provided by the author of "The Korean Labor L..
12 weeks' period will be taken, and one time in a week, each two hours. So, total number of lecture hours are 12 hours.
Kangnam Labor Law Firm’s Spring Seminar of 2019
Working Environment and Changes to Korean Labor La..
Congratulation for the publication of "Workplace R..
Cogratulation! KangNam Labor Law Firm was selected..
May 2019 - Contractual Working Hours and the Inclusive ..
April 2019 - Extinctive prescription system under the L..
March 2019 - Granting Annual Leave (Including Legal Rev..
February 2019 - Issues related to the Parcel Delivery W..
A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law
[Spring,2019] Labor Cases Volume 45 - Granting Annual Leave (Including Leg..
[Winter,2018] Labor Cases Volume 44 _ Relation between the Civil Law and t..
[Autumn,2018] Labor Cases Volume 43 _Minimum Wage and the Employer's Oblig..
[Summer,2018] Labor Cases Volumn 42 - The Right of Fixed-term Workers to E..
[Spring,2018] Labor Cases Volume 41 _ Weekly Working Hours in the Revised ..
[Winter,2017] Labor Cases Volumn 40 - Revisions of the Korean Labor Law in..

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